Swan Lake Country Club
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 ~            2018 Upcoming Events           ~ 

    • SLCC is looking for a manager for the 2019 season.  If  interested, please open the "2019 Manager opening" link on the Home page


                 2018 Wednesday Ladies League newsletter                2018 Senior Mens League newsletter    

      2018 Events                                                      

      April 21nd                      - Work Day <---- this has been rescheduled to take place on May 5th at 9:00am; sign up at SLCC

      May 19th & 20th             - Swan Lake Spring Classic 3-person scramble

      June 4th                        - Senior Men's Tourney

      June 23rd & 24th            - Anderson Memorial Couples Tournament

      July 14th & 15th             - EES Tournament 3-person scramble

      July 17th                        - Nashwauk Chamber Outing

      July 28th                        - 3-Ladies Scramble Tournament

      August 4th                     - Spartan Booster Tournament

      August 15th                   - Annual Membership Meeting

      August 17th                   - Fund Raiser Night

      August 18th & 19th         - Club Championship

      August 25th                   - Enroth four person

      September 8th & 9th     - Vangen Tournament 2-person scramble

      September 10th             - Course closed for green aeration

      September 29th              - Membership Appreciation Day

      League day and times:
      Monday from 4:30pm until 6:00pm is Ladies' Day
      Tuesday from opening until 12:00pm is Senior Men's League
      Wednesday from opening until 1:00pm is Ladies' League
      Thursday from 12:00pm until close is Men's League