Swan Lake Country Club
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Swan Lake Country Club


2017 Daily fees:


 9-hole green fees       $16.00

 18-hole green fees     $26.00


 Youth fees                   $15.00

 (age 16 - 18)

 Youth fees                   $10.00

 (age 13 - 15)

 Youth fees                   free with an adult paid green fee 9-hole or 18-hole

 (age 12 and under)

 9-hole power cart fees      $16.00 ($12 member)

 18-hole power cart fees    $26.00 ($18 member)

 Drop fee for power cart     $10.00


 Pull cart                             $3.00
 Driving range golf balls      $5.00

Twighlight rates:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday after 5:00pm with a tee-time
Tuesday after 1:00pm with a tee-time
9 holes:   $9 green fees
              $14 power cart
18 holes:  $18 green fees
               $18 power cart

League day and times:
Monday from 4:30pm until 6:00pm is Ladies' Day
Tuesday from opening until 12:00pm is Senior Men's League
Wednesday from opening until 1:00pm is Ladies' League
Thursday from 12:00pm until close is Men's League

2018 Seasonal memberships and passes:

* * All the following "Seasonal" prices do NOT include sales tax * *

Junior summer pass      100.00
(age 18 and under)

Single young adult         300.00 (age 19 - 28)
Single membership        475.00  ...NEW members receive a $100 gift card
Dual membership           585.00 ...NEW members receive a $100 gift card
Family membership        640.00 ...NEW members receive a $100 gift card

There is a 15% Senior discount for members 75 and older.

SLCC has discontinued the required certificate for new memberships.

Driving range pass            50.00/single      100.00/family (two or more)
 (need not be a member to purchase a Driving range pass)
Private power cart trail fee                         120.00

Private power cart storage fee - gas          150.00
Private power cart storage fee - electric    180.00
Twighlight rates:

Monday, Wednesday